My highlights of 2012

In the midst of all this hideous weather happening in QLD, I figured it would be best to remember that there are people out there doing it tougher than me (I was sitting in my little apartment writing this without power and gas… trying not to get frustrated) and that I should concentrate on all the things I’m grateful for.

Which would include a wonderful year last year, where many lots of wonderful things happened – not the least of which being that I photographed some beautiful weddings, I got MARRIED (!), and I went on an amazing honeymoon.

So I’ve decided to share my highlights of 2012 with you! Here we go…

Some wonderful and beautiful people let me into their lives to photograph them.


I got to spend some time with some awesome people at weddings, engagement shoots, and other fun times last year. I’m always so grateful to all the people who invite me into their lives for a beautiful moment; that they trust me to capture something special. Thank you, all of you! I wish you all the very best for 2013!

I got married in November

A culmination of a year’s planning, Luke and I finally said ‘I do’ at O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyards in November. It was fun and beautiful and sweet and awesome and a blast. We made all the decorations ourselves, we did all the flower arrangements ourselves, we wrote our own personal vows and we danced the night away with all our friends and family. It was everything we could have wished for!

Our friends and fellow photographers Julian Beattie and Steve Elmer did a beautiful job photographing our wedding and we couldn’t be happier!

Then I went on an amazing honeymoon to Fiji

Fiji! Huzzah! 8 days in the sun on a tropical island! (Which meant that little ol’ me with my Anglo-Saxon Scottish ancestral white skin got quite spectacularly burnt the first day we were there, but we roll with it, right?) During our time at Navutu Stars in the Yasawa Islands, we ate fresh local food, wandered around the island’s beaches, snorkelled, swam, napped, drank many fabulous cocktails and visited with the locals of Yaqueta Village (which was, actually, my favourite part of the holiday!). We got to visit the local school as well as the village and meet with the local children who came to sing to us at Navutu. The Fijians are truly the most wonderful people! I came away feeling like I could learn a lot from their way of life.

A couple of weeks after we got back from Fiji, cyclone Evan tore through the country. I do hope the people of Yaqueta Village were safe throughout that ordeal!

So, 2012 was pretty awesome. I’m more determined than ever to make 2013 just as awesome! Bring it on I say! I hope your 2012 was lovely and that your 2013 will be even brighter. :)

Look out next week for another post that I’m going to make on dreams for 2013. YAY!

A workshop with Matt and Katie (awesomeness guaranteed)

Hello 2013!

Can you believe that we’re well underway with 2013 ALREADY?! I certainly can’t! I’ve got so many plans and ideas and dreams for this year and there is nothing left to do now but just – begin.

So here goes. Last week I toddled off into the Valley to attend a 2-day workshop with two of the coolest photographers around, Matt and Katie.

Matt and Katie are the bomb in pretty much every way. When I heard that they were going to be doing this workshop it was all I could do not to fan-girl it up too much. Plus, I’m always looking for inspiration and new ways of learning to enhance my photography, so needless to say I signed up straight away.

Not only did I learn so much that reinforced my love for photography, I got to meet some rad fellow photographers from Brisbane and beyond! I had the best time. Below are some of the photographs that I took over the 2-day workshop (with some fantastic volunteer couples who responded very well to being followed around by their own personal 15-strong paparazzi!).

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of them! I’m so exciting for 2013 – bring on the awesomeness!




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