Ashleigh and Scott–October 2012


I’ve been itching to post this wedding up!

This is Ashleigh and Scott. Ashleigh contacted me a few months ago to see if I was free to shoot her wedding to Scott. She’d gotten my name from Lindsey, whose wedding I had photographed a few months before that. See, Ashleigh and Scott had already booked a wedding photographer, but after an engagement shoot that got a bit awkward (‘up-selling’ and ‘hidden fees’ wise), they took that heebee-jeebee feeling to mean that they should find another photographer. And they found me.

And I’m REALLY HAPPY that they did. Because when both Ashleigh and Scott started describing their wedding to me, it sounded like we were a total match in heaven. Reception in a country hall? Awesome. Gorgeous Grace Loves Lace dress? Amazing. Rainbow wedding cake? Please book me now!

There were so many elements to Ashleigh and Scott’s wedding that I just wanted to steal for my own wedding next month. Can you believe that they did all of that decorating themselves? Oh, and word to the mother(s) – both Ashleigh and Scott’s mums were incredible. So hands-on and so welcoming. Scott’s mum even collected every single vintage plate used for the guests at their table settings (and there must have been about 80-90). I’m so lucky to get to photograph weddings like this. :)

Ash&Scott_006Ash&Scott_007 copyAsh&Scott_020Ash&Scott_022 copyAsh&Scott_029Ash&Scott_035Ash&Scott_037 copyAsh&Scott_070Ash&Scott_072Ash&Scott_075Ash&Scott_080Ash&Scott_081Ash&Scott_084_copyAsh&Scott_086Ash&Scott_092 copy 2Ash&Scott_104Ash&Scott_109Ash&Scott_113Ash&Scott_120Ash&Scott_122Ash&Scott_123Ash&Scott_129Ash&Scott_131Ash&Scott_132Ash&Scott_135Ash&Scott_138Ash&Scott_151Ash&Scott_156Ash&Scott_158Ash&Scott_161Ash&Scott_163Ash&Scott_172Ash&Scott_177Ash&Scott_184Ash&Scott_197Ash&Scott_203Ash&Scott_206_copyAsh&Scott_218Ash&Scott_219Ash&Scott_221Ash&Scott_229 copy 2Ash&Scott_240Ash&Scott_239Ash&Scott_241Ash&Scott_245 copyAsh&Scott_257Ash&Scott_265Ash&Scott_269Ash&Scott_272Ash&Scott_275Ash&Scott_277Ash&Scott_280Ash&Scott_281Ash&Scott_284Ash&Scott_289Ash&Scott_292Ash&Scott_298Ash&Scott_299Ash&Scott_307Ash&Scott_311Ash&Scott_313_copyAsh&Scott_332Ash&Scott_335Ash&Scott_339Ash&Scott_341Ash&Scott_343 copy 2Ash&Scott_374Ash&Scott_416Ash&Scott_418Ash&Scott_421 copyAsh&Scott_426Ash&Scott_427Ash&Scott_428Ash&Scott_429 copyAsh&Scott_438Ash&Scott_439Ash&Scott_440Ash&Scott_442Ash&Scott_444Ash&Scott_453Ash&Scott_457Ash&Scott_465Ash&Scott_482Ash&Scott_487Ash&Scott_489Ash&Scott_491Ash&Scott_492Ash&Scott_496Ash&Scott_500Ash&Scott_504Ash&Scott_505Ash&Scott_511Ash&Scott_513Ash&Scott_514Ash&Scott_515Ash&Scott_517Ash&Scott_520Ash&Scott_522 copyAsh&Scott_527Ash&Scott_528Ash&Scott_530Ash&Scott_531Ash&Scott_533Ash&Scott_534Ash&Scott_535Ash&Scott_537Ash&Scott_540Ash&Scott_542Ash&Scott_544Ash&Scott_545Ash&Scott_548Ash&Scott_554Ash&Scott_559Ash&Scott_560Ash&Scott_561_copyAsh&Scott_563Ash&Scott_565Ash&Scott_569Ash&Scott_570_copyAsh&Scott_595 copyAsh&Scott_600

Sigh. :)


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