A workshop with Matt and Katie (awesomeness guaranteed)

Hello 2013!

Can you believe that we’re well underway with 2013 ALREADY?! I certainly can’t! I’ve got so many plans and ideas and dreams for this year and there is nothing left to do now but just – begin.

So here goes. Last week I toddled off into the Valley to attend a 2-day workshop with two of the coolest photographers around, Matt and Katie.

Matt and Katie are the bomb in pretty much every way. When I heard that they were going to be doing this workshop it was all I could do not to fan-girl it up too much. Plus, I’m always looking for inspiration and new ways of learning to enhance my photography, so needless to say I signed up straight away.

Not only did I learn so much that reinforced my love for photography, I got to meet some rad fellow photographers from Brisbane and beyond! I had the best time. Below are some of the photographs that I took over the 2-day workshop (with some fantastic volunteer couples who responded very well to being followed around by their own personal 15-strong paparazzi!).

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of them! I’m so exciting for 2013 – bring on the awesomeness!



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