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Not me. And not you surely, dear reader?! I mean, freebies are what make this world a great place. (Well, that and, you know, medical breakthroughs, advancements in technology, humanitarian aid, successful peace partnerships, but really lets not get bogged down in specifics.)

I love shooting weddings and I want to offer you a freebie, dear reader. So here’s the deal – if you're getting married in the second half of this year and book a wedding photography album package with me before the end of June 2013, I will throw in 2 (2!) free mini parent albums for free.

Parent albums are awesome. They are essentially a smaller, simpler version of the wedding album that you receive from me. They fit fantastically in mum’s handbag and really help to facilitate those bragging rights of hers (and come on, she’s got a right to brag. You just got married and you looked awesome and everyone had an amazing time and she loves you).

Now, sit down before you hurt yourself. For more information just contact me and tell me that you love freebies.


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  1. Amy says:


    Im trying to contact you about my wedding. I love your photography and would like to talk to you. The contact form is not working. Can you please email me on amy.taylor09@gmail.com.

    Thanks Amy

  2. is it in australia? nice beach.

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