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We have a new foster cat staying with us. His name is Bandit. He’s a 1 year old black and white medium hair male who was brought in a stray to the RSPCA by a caring member of the public.


When Bandit was brought in he wasn’t moving, and the nurses thought he might have tick paralysis. But upon conducting an exam, they found that Bandit’s front left leg was broken (probably from a dog attack or something similar). So the way ahead was clear – Bandit needed surgery!

With his leg set with pins, Bandit was ready to go out on foster for weeks of rest and healing. And so he found his way to me. :)

I brought Bandit home and set him up in our main bathroom, then left him alone to have a rest. After a little while I checked in on him and gave him a little cuddle – I’ve never met a more affectionate cat! However, while he was smooching all over me, I looked down and realised – his leg wound had split open! Didn’t I get a shock! So Friday night turned into an emergency trip to the RSPCA vet hospital!

The nurses took one look at Bandit’s leg and there was no doubt – it needed to be cleaned and stapled up! So with Bandit purring the whole time (the craziest cat I’ve met – who is that calm when visiting the vet?!) I held Bandit and stroked his fur while the nurses patched his leg up.

Phew! What a start to our relationship! I’ve spent the last 48 hours monitoring Bandit to make sure he’s okay. He’s doing really well – he’s a bit shaky on his leg but he’s resting a lot, which is exactly what we want. He’ll stay with us for around 6 weeks to make sure his leg heals properly – hopefully he’ll be able to move around a bit better as the weeks go on!

The nurses told me that on Bandit’s file the RSPCA had written in the notes section that his nickname is ‘Sir Purrs-alot!’ I can definitely see why! He’s such a beautiful cat with the most darling nature. :) I’ll keep you updated on Bandit’s process and, of course, if you or someone you know is thinking about adopting a little love into your life, you absolutely cannot go past Bandit! I’m already falling in love with him. :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You're an inspiration, and Bandit is lucky to have you for six weeks!

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