A dress to wear to weddings – help required!


Alright dears! I need your help with something.

For YONKS I’ve been wanting to get a pretty new dress to wear when I’m photographing awesome weddings. At the moment I’m wearing a little casual black dress which is okay, but not ideal.

I have a rather set criteria when it comes to a dress to wear while photographing weddings. Here it is – it must be pretty, something that says ‘I’m a guest at this awesome wedding!’ but that doesn’t draw too much attention to myself. It needs to have a modest neckline and sleeves, because I shoot with two cameras when I’m out and I wear a camera harness that straps across my front (that sounds fetching, doesn’t it?). It can’t be too short! And it mustn’t be too restrictive, so that I can get myself in to all sorts of weird positions to get that perfect photograph. :) It must be adaptable to all seasons (generally a pair of cool tights and a cardi will do that for winter in Qld), and pockets are optional, but definitely desirable (I LOVE POCKETS! Ahem).

SO. I keep going to Modcloth looking for the perfect wedding photographer dress, and there are always a few that I really like, with pros and cons about all of them. Since I can never make up my mind, I’ve decided to ask YOU GUYS for advice!

Here are the dresses that I’m currently looking at. You can click on each of them to view on the Modcloth website:


Cat’s More Like It Dress


I really like this dress – it’s cute, suits my style, it has cats on it (!) and it’s pretty without being too show-y. It’s a bit pricey, though.


Forever and Feather Dress


I love this one! (I love them all, who am I kidding?) I love that it’s rather 60s, it’s a pretty design, and it has birds on it!


Audrey’s Top of the A-Line Dress


This is pretty, plus it has POCKETS (!), but maybe it’s a little bit plain. It also doesn’t have sleeves. Hmmm.


Ample Interests Dress


This is lovely, but I’m not sure about that neckline… it has POCKETS on the plus side. But perhaps it’s a bit too casual?

So these are the dresses that I’m considering at the moment – and I want your input! Which is your favourite? Or perhaps you don’t like any of them? Maybe you’ve got a suggestion of another dress that you think I should consider? Tell me what you do and don’t like about them and help me decide! You can either leave me a comment underneath this post, or leave me a comment on facebook. I would very much appreciate it!

Thank you, everyone!!!

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  1. Cats for sure. I love!

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