Little Britta-Bot–Update

An update on little Britta is long overdue!

You may recall my last post about my foster cat Britta. She was put in to the RSPCA’s behaviour intervention program because she’d had a really hard start to life and had become very shy.

Well, look at her now! She’s loving life at our place. She spends her mornings playing tag with our cat Dexter, running all around the apartment. She absolutely LOVES playing with the many toys that Dex has long grown bored of (her favourite are the little balls with bells in them!). She’s a very polite and well mannered little girl; she scratches her claws only on the scratching post and every night when I put her to bed in the bathroom, she climbs right in to her bed and looks up at me obediently, as if to say ‘goodnight!’. She still very much values her personal space, and doesn’t like being picked up too much, but I’m working on getting her used to that – she still loves a cuddle and a chat. She’ll definitely make someone a beautiful companion (hopefully soon!).

If you or anyone you know might be interested in adopting Britta, please check out her RSPCA adoption page. She needs to go to a home with no small children and no dogs (another cat is fine – she loves Dex!). You can also contact me directly for more information. :)


Oh, BTW, I’m absolutely IN LOVE with her little nose. Look at that gorgeous, pale, non-pigmented little nose!! It’s so adorable. Love love love.

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