Dominee and Barry

I’m not sure that anything I could say could convey how wonderful this wedding was.

Somehow everything was perfect – the place, the details, the simplicity, the love, the people. Mostly the last two. I’ve never felt so welcomed! Like I wasn’t just a photographer, I was a guest and a friend, too.

Dominee and Barry contacted me about a month out from their wedding – a month! – and when I heard what kind of wedding they were planning on Dominee’s Aunt and Uncle’s property, I was secretly jumping out of my skin to photograph it. (Or maybe not so secretly. Dominee and Barry probably thought I was a bit overt about the whole thing, actually.) Luckily they weren’t put off by my enthusiasm and we were right to go.

Good thing that they weren’t put off by my enthusiasm, because the first thing I did when I arrived on the day was yell at the best man, “THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!”. I just couldn’t contain it.

Labradors, orange tree groves, macadamia nut tree groves, converted stables, chickens (chickens!!), beautiful dams with cows mooing across the way, photo booths, shetland ponies dressed in tuxedos (!!!!), amazing homemade food, amazing people. I hope the pictures below convey even a TINY BIT of how awesome all of that really is.

Dominee&Barry_003 copyDominee&Barry_004Dominee&Barry_013 copyDominee&Barry_015 copyDominee&Barry_018Dominee&Barry_019Dominee&Barry_024Dominee&Barry_026 copyDominee&Barry_028 copyDominee&Barry_031Dominee&Barry_038Dominee&Barry_039Dominee&Barry_041Dominee&Barry_043Dominee&Barry_045 copyDominee&Barry_049Dominee&Barry_051Dominee&Barry_055Dominee&Barry_068 copyDominee&Barry_070Dominee&Barry_077Dominee&Barry_080Dominee&Barry_086 copyDominee&Barry_088Dominee&Barry_095Dominee&Barry_102 copyDominee&Barry_110 copyDominee&Barry_114Dominee&Barry_116Dominee&Barry_119Dominee&Barry_123 copyDominee&Barry_125 copyDominee&Barry_137Dominee&Barry_136 copyDominee&Barry_139Dominee&Barry_156 copyDominee&Barry_158Dominee&Barry_164 copyDominee&Barry_174Dominee&Barry_175Dominee&Barry_186Dominee&Barry_188Dominee&Barry_205Dominee&Barry_209 copyDominee&Barry_232 copyDominee&Barry_234Dominee&Barry_257Dominee&Barry_261Dominee&Barry_275Dominee&Barry_278Dominee&Barry_251Dominee&Barry_296Dominee&Barry_288Dominee&Barry_309Dominee&Barry_307Dominee&Barry_325Dominee&Barry_331Dominee&Barry_333Dominee&Barry_312Dominee&Barry_343 copyDominee&Barry_347Dominee&Barry_350Dominee&Barry_364Dominee&Barry_368Dominee&Barry_373Dominee&Barry_374Dominee&Barry_382Dominee&Barry_384Dominee&Barry_389Dominee&Barry_393Dominee&Barry_396Dominee&Barry_400Dominee&Barry_403Dominee&Barry_405Dominee&Barry_410 copyDominee&Barry_428Dominee&Barry_401Dominee&Barry_416 copyDominee&Barry_417 copyDominee&Barry_434Dominee&Barry_439 copyDominee&Barry_440Dominee&Barry_443

Perfection. :)

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  1. Dominee says:

    The photos are gorgeous Amanda, thanks for doing such an amazing job!! You were fabulous to take us on at such short notice and we were so glad to find you, we knew within seconds of meeting you that you were the perfect person to share our day and capture the special moments for us to look back on in years to come!!

    Love, love, love!!!

    Dominee and Barry

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