Ben and Kirsty

I’ve known Ben and Kirsty for a while now. They both went to school with my fiancé. I’m not exactly sure in what grade they started going out – but I do remember Kirsty telling a story about the first time she went over to Ben’s house when they started ‘dating’ – the story goes something like this: when she walked in to his bedroom, instead of having pictures of movie stars or bikini models on his wall, he had an Andy Warhol poster. That’s when she knew she had found someone pretty special.

So that was around 10 years ago. Today, Kirsty works in publishing and Ben in app development. Ben has just spent the last 3 months in San Francisco working on a great project while Kirsty stayed behind in Brisbane to continue her publishing career – but they both found that really hard. Because Ben and Kirsty are soul mates. I know that word kind of gets thrown around in a nauseating way, but with these two it’s true. I’m pretty sure when you look at the pictures below, it will hit you in the face like a slap.

Here’s the interesting/weird/cool thing about Ben and Kirsty – they’re not interested in getting married. They don’t really get the ‘institution’ thing. They don’t see the point. They are dedicated and crazy in love, but they don’t want to conventionalise that. Which I find kind of awesome. (Did I mention that they are two of my favourite people in the whole world?)

Ben came home a couple of weeks ago, and he and Kirsty decided that life apart was pretty crap and that a big adventure would be awesome. So Kirsty quit her job in publishing, and they are both moving to New York. Next week.

Among her feelings of excitement and apprehension, Kirsty asked if I would be willing to take some photographs of her and Ben, because she felt that something big was about to happen, something that might change their lives together forever, and it sort of felt right to get some pictures of this time in their lives.

I said okay.

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B&K, really gonna miss you guys! I hope you have the best time in NY and that your adventure is a special kind of awesome. xoox

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  1. Wendy says:

    Love their story and the way you captured it. Absolutely beautiful work Mandy.

  2. John says:

    What a nice place and nice photo's. I like that all picture and also a couples. the wedding photographers is done a wonderful photos. really superb.

  3. Aunty Jo says:

    What can I say... I have the most beautiful niece in the world who has found herself the perfect life partner. Your photos of K&B have captured their true essence - they are gorgeous - thank you for sharing both the photos and their story, AJ/xx

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