The Bushnell Family

My friend Kristy just recently had her first baby – a gorgeous baby boy that she and her husband Mark named Axl. He was born on boxing day. When the first picture went around via text, we all agreed that he was indeed, gorgeous.

After a few weeks of family bonding, Kristy asked if I might pop around to take some newborn and family photographs of them. Of course I said YES! I couldn’t wait to take piccies of the little tyke (and meet the family dogs, too!)

29Jan2012_Axl_001329Jan2012_Axl_001529Jan2012_Axl_002229Jan2012_021729Jan2012_024429Jan2012_Axl_005029Jan2012_Axl_005129Jan2012_Axl_008729Jan2012_Axl_010129Jan2012_038129Jan2012_0368 copy29Jan2012_039529Jan2012_039729Jan2012_042929Jan2012_Axl_0174

Just adorable. xo

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