Brooke and Lee

The neighbours two houses over from my parents are Jeff and Debbie. They’ve lived there about 15 years, mum says. When they first moved in, we were having a party – we had a lot of parties in those days, either Linda or Matthew’s birthday, or going away, or something – and we always had a live band. We warned all the neighbours that we were having a party, and that there would be some noise. But we didn’t know Jeff and Debbie really, because they had only moved in recently.

That night, when the band started, there was a knock at the door (I don’t know how we heard it). It was Jeff and Debbie. They were holding a 6 pack. Jeff said, “we’ve come to complain about the noise,” and they came in. That was our introduction.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was having dinner at my parents place on the back deck and Debbie, with her daughter Brooke, came over to the fence. They had come to say that Brooke was getting married at their home next weekend, and could they maybe come over to take some photographs under my parents’ lovely big Poinciana tree? Mum said of course you can, and who is your photographer? Well, said Brooke, we don’t have one, we were thinking of just asking my brother to take some with his camera. That’s when mum called me over.

And suddenly I had a job for the next weekend!

At-home weddings are my favourite kind. They are always so fun, relaxed, and enjoyable. I think they also hold a special meaning, too.

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Congratulations, Brooke and Lee! Thanks for letting me hop over the back fence and take some pictures of your special day. :)

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