We have to save Christmas to save our friends.

Okay, so, if you don’t know already, Community is my favourite TV show. It is frequently described as one of the most progressive comedies of its time – therefore, it doesn’t have alot of viewers in America (according to Nielsen ratings). The rest of the world’s viewers don’t count when it comes to American ratings and therefore, a few weeks ago, it was announced that halfway through their third season, Community was to be benched my NBC and would return around April 2012 (in reality, this gives NBC plenty of time to cancel the show completely).

Community fans like myself were dirty. What do you expect, NBC, when you put the show in a time slot where it must go up against Big Bang Theory?

Anyway. I digress.

The last episode that we saw before the show was benched was called ‘Regional Holiday Music’ – a send up of all things glee. It was genius, of course. I’m going to share with you Troy and Abed’s Christmas rap, which was the highlight of the episode. I love you, Troy and Abed.

All Community episodes to date are available for US citizens to watch on Hulu.com – as for here in Australia, you will need to grab the DVDs of season one and two, wherever you can. They aren’t expensive. For now, remember to save Christmas to save your friends, and cross your fingers for April next year.


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